Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catifish Paper

In a world where everyone is connected, there are those few that create a threat. People that may be talking to you online may not be those in real life. Those calling and texting you may also not be those people in real life. In an electronic world anyone can hide. An 8 year old girl can turn out to be someone completely different. Catfish exposes the hidden truth within the electronic world of Facebook.
            The Universal Pictures documentary was made by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost in 2007. These guys filmed a story of their friend Nev. This documentary starts as an adorable story. People and stories become lies. As time goes on it turns into creepy and intense journey.  “Catfish” shows how Facebook can hide ones true identity.
In the documentary they follow Nev. Nev is a photographer whom had some pictures published in a magazine. Later he received a package from an 8 year old painter named Abby. This movie goes on to show Nev becoming friends with Abby and her family upon the social networking site, Facebook. Later Nev finds himself in an almost internet relationship with Abby’s older sister Meagan. Things become fuzzy and blurry, people true colors start to show, and many questions must be answered.
There was one thing that really struck a chord with me, and that was the special effects, and how it added to the story. One wouldn’t think a low budget documentary would ever be remembered for its special effects. In this movie the creators really used graphics and things from the internet to draw ones attentions to the undercover world of the internet. One thing that was really appealing to the eye was the effect they used while driving to Michigan. On Google Maps you can go on ground level anywhere on the world. While on there, they’re arrows on showing where one should be traveling, if you typed in a travel destination. It can be compared to like 3-D real life video game. During a driving scene on the high way they added that with the Google maps and arrows. I thought it looked incredible and it added to the internet aspect to Catfish.
In all honesty it was an excellent movie, but it was dull. It’s that type of movie I could only watch once. One reason why I thought it was just okay was because it moved so slowly. Many scenes could have been cut and the story would still feel the same. Also I thought this movie was just okay, because of the ending. It ended giving you some important information, but left you with many questions. There were three questions I was left with; how did it all start, how does Vince feel about this, and how the girl whom pictures were stolen by Angela feel. I feel if those three questions were answered in the movie, the movie would have had more depth and likeability by me. In summary the movie had a startling, incredible, and amazing story, but went very slow and left many questions that could have been answered.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

catfish day 3

In the end i feel bad for Angela. Nev's life will go on. Angela's will never be the same, and Angela has some problems. I feel she needs some help in life and find out who she really is. It's good she deactivated the facebook accounts, i dont know really. Like this movie has left me with a wierd empty feeling. I can tell Nev is a good person because he is friends with Angela on Facebook. It has kind of a cute, creepy hollywood ending. I do want to know more about the girl whom Angela took the pictures from. I wanna know how she feels about this all. I also want to know how Nev found the real megan like the aimee girl or whatever her name is.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i was expecting this to get better. Yes, it is creepy, but i want it to make get better. I've heard that the last 30 minutes is the best.. so i can't wait till tomorrow. I HOPE it gets better. its kinda what i guessed so i hope something like BOOM happens. My prediction is that the boyfriend of Angela will get mad and get crazy maybe that will make it better. I hope it gets better.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay this movie actually creeps me out. it makes me so happy i deactivated my old facebook after it got hacked. lawlz another creepy story... but i had 4,000 friends all over the world and created a new one like a week and ONLY accept friend requests from people i know. This movie leaves me with a creepy yucky feeling. its just wierd. The whole time i thought it was going to be Nev who was wierd and creepy but it turned out to be "Abby". uh oh. this is so wierd. i cannot wait to finish this movie!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Technology paper

Dylan Kulberg
Period 5

Imagine being able to teleport from place to place just to say “hey what’s up”. Staying connected is very import to people. Through devices, being able to teleport information and thoughts all around the world can happen. These devices are called Smart Phones. Smart Phones are the new but better cell phones. It’s estimated by that by Christmas 2011, 1 out of 2 Americans will own a Smart Phone. Smart Phones have had a positive yet negative influence on society because it’s a lifesaver and it’s a way to stay connected, but it’s quite costly.
First, one may say calling a phone a lifesaver is quite obscure, but in a lot of situations it can be. Let’s say someone is partying downtown at a new area. You may have had a little too much to drink or have had too much fun to even remember where you are. You have no money in your pocket, and you know you’re less than ten blocks away from your home. This is an emergency. Most people with silly old cell phone would call a friend tell them the address and bother the friends by having them come pick them up. All this can be tamed with a Smart Phone. All Smart phones have GPS navigators on them. This handy application places you on a map and can lead you wherever your heart desires. A Smart Phone is basically a lifesaving GPS. 
Next these Smart Phones are a great way to stay connected. Almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. With a Smart Phone you can make the process of using these sites anywhere. The Smart Phones have “mobile sites” for Facebook and Twitter. This makes accessing social sites easier and faster than even going on a computer. All Smart Phones come with internet access that can be access virtually anywhere. With this internet on the phone emailing is possible. Lastly this is great for businesses. Businesses can use this advantage to stay in contact with all employees, no matter where in the world they are.
Now to have all these cool, lifesaving features it comes with a price. Usually it’s a 30 dollar monthly fee. A lot of people may see this as a lot but when one thinks about it is about only a dollar a day. But it does add up. Smart Phones can drain college student Bank accounts, and even adults.
In summary the Smart Phone is a great but negative influence on society. They cost a lot, but they supply a lot to benefit. They can be a great device to bring you anywhere and led you anywhere. They also help you stay connected. You’re never out of the loop.  With every positive, comes negatives; and with the Smart Phones it comes with a fee.